Using custom thumbnails in listings.

Hi, lately im seeing people posting sales with custom pictures (thumbnails) for their items im wondering if someone can explain me how to do that :slight_smile: .

Thank you all in an advance!

I found the answer. This is what you do. Go to sell/rocket leage steam. Then hit the 1st option before key that says “bundle” Add a photo, and name the listing. DONT WORRY, you can take bundle out of the title by doing the google chrome inspect element title edit method. So after you click bundle, add a photo and name listing, go to next page where you edit price and stuff. on the title bar where typically you cant edit, in chrome, right click the bar and inspect element. It will highlight a code at the bottom. Heres a example of what it will look like …

< input type=“text” class=“form-control” placeholder=“Game title or listing title” value=“Bundle | THE BEST” disabled="">

You need to right click that highlighted code, and hit “Edit as HTML” . Take out disabled"" at the end and make the code look like this leaving the > at the end of the code after the last " symbol…

< input type=“text” class=“form-control” placeholder=“Game title or listing title” value=“Bundle | THE BEST”> .

Once you do this you can edit the title any way you see fit on the website. YOU DONT EDIT THE TITLE IN THE CODE. You do it right on the website in the title bar you couldnt edit before. Just take out Bundle if its 1 item your selling. This is how you get custom thumbnails and titles :slight_smile: Hope this helps, if any questions just ask :slight_smile:

lol I also JUST found a 2nd method. Ok so this will take slightly more work. But this will allow you to not have to setup a bundle making the “listing type” custom. This method will allow you to change the pic with still having the “type” of the item in the listing. (can still change title using the previous title change method). But okay you need your custom photo, upload it to a website like tiny url or a photo share site (tinyurl is quickest upload). When you upload the photo, view the photo on the webpage of the site you just uploaded it on. Right click on the photo and hit “inspect element” now in the highlighted area there will be this code for example…

< img class=“alignnone wp-image-63 size-full” src=“” alt=“1454539236-1638620-161x161-4” width=“161” height=“161” srcset=“ 161w, 150w” sizes="(max-width: 161px) 100vw, 161px">

where it says … src=“

copy ONLY the web address. None of the other characters. start at http… end at jpg.

Go to your listing, select what you want to sell, hit next to the page where you edit the price. Up at top left right click the default photo and click “inspect element”. Should see a code like this…

< img class=“img-responsive bg_3d square-content” src=“”>

replace the web address with the web address you copied from your photos element. Give it like 5 seconds to load in, and it will change the default photo to your custom photo!

If you have any trouble let me know :slight_smile:

both of the methods I listed work. but this one allows you to replace the photo without making the listing type “custom” for example if you had a boost, the type would be “boost” and not “custom”


Omg you are the best :smiley: but also was wondering the guy that I saw changed the picture and item was still listed in decals that was weird too.

Oh yeah this answers my other question thanks alot <3

no problem bro :slight_smile: Im “The Illuminati Exchange” on gameflip. Believe I bought from u before

So I just now tried to do this and made a quick picture to try it on I uploaded it on some site and this is the link I get from inspect element , I copy it in the place you told me to but it shows just in the editing section the actual listing doesnt show that image did I do something wrong or ? :joy:

but now I made it work somehow what

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sorry for the late reply. Glad you got it to work!

This method does not work, I tried doing it but it shows the original image when you list it.

yea it doesnt work anymore. I cant figure out a new way either.