Verification and live chat

I bought the wonder skin code again and it is asking for verification even though on my last purchase of the wonder that got cancelled i did all the verification steps. I don’t want to go through verification again because I have already done it. I have the 4 digit code for the new wonder skin purchase and old purchase that got cancelled. If anyone could help me by sending me a link to GameFLip live chat or one of the moderators can help me my invite code is JVSVSW. I need help bad and I want my item that I purchased.

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@DarkKnight check diz out

try to add fund then buy somehow that goes batter than buying directly

Hello @ChungusSZN,

I have checked your account and can see that you still need your Id verified.

Once you have your Id verified, the chances of ending up in review will be lowered.

God Speed! :trident:

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