Verify me so I can buy

Can someone check out my verification and clear it so I can get borderlands 3 tyvm
Order ID: 37737b74-3ce1-482f-b4d3-cff2e36549cc

Profile code- 6G2L92

Hello bro, did you submit your ID card?

Yes I did verification for my credit card

Okay, it takes 1~2 days to review your info and pics.

It took around 10 hours for me to get verified. I don’t think it’ll take more than today for you to get verified if everything is correct for submission.

It might take 1 hour if everything is correct.

Check my information please order ID and profile code- are above I had to resubmit info I accidentally covered my name in one of the pictures

it’s all alright, they will check your ticket and it will be solved as soon as possible.