Verify phone number

Hello my card is verified how can i verify my phone number i recharge online snd i didnt get my phone bill can u pls tell me how ca i verify it thank you

You can send some proof that shows you own it your full name must be visible

I have a paper they give me that when i buy my pgone number its order conformation paper and my number and my name and adress written on it . How can i send u that here?

Actually i send them and they reject it bro

You don’t need to send it here,well if they reject there is a reason for that.I’m taggin moderators to solve your problem. @DunnBiscuit Also you can create ticket about your problem here;

Thank you bro i create a ticket problem is that when i add wallet it take so many days to appove actually it never approved so i verify my identity and my card but phone number reject cause i dont have proper bill before when i recharge my wallet it just take few min. To recharge


Can you send me the ticket number or your invite code so I can properly help you?