Wait what? Someone please

Ok so I woke up this morning and checked gameflip, figured out I have a poor rating. I checked my recent transactions and nobody has left a negative feedback. Where did it come from? Im so confused. Can someone please help me? Its the only negative feedback i have received out of 135. My code is K28KF1. I will provide screenshot too

Open a ticket here

It could be an automatic negative rating, these can be from transactions who had to be cancelled after the delivery time was over and no delivery was done.

I did deliver more than half of the Fifa coins I was supposed to deliver, but the buyer did not respond for a couple of days. He even mentions this in the chat I had with him. Please help me out with this as I really dont want a negative feedback on my profile. The buyer bought another listing today to finish the trade… thank you for your help

Can you please help me out with it :frowning:

You need to open a ticket and inform both order id’s (the one that generated the negative rating and the second where you say the rest of coins was delivered)

I created a ticket the other day but I did not include the order IDs… shall I just wait for support team respobd first then reply with order IDs or create a whole new ticket? Thanks :slight_smile: