Seller Report/Bug

So Basically, I noticed a really cheap listing for FIFA Coins ($90) less than what it normally is, I could already tell it was a scam so I decided to ask about the item, he replied as normal, I said I was going to deposit some money to buy it and he seemed excited. I then ask a minute later if he knows how to contact a gameflip employee to watch over the trade and as he sees it, he removes his listing. I was going to report his account but It won’t let me report. I can do the report as normal but It doesnt let me click on the email box and if I try send it without email then it says please fill out the required boxes, which I cant do. So the sellers profile link is: . Please get back to me as soon as possible and notfiy me about him.



I’l investigate this user, do you remember the listing tname that he removed?


I think it was something along the lines of “Coins | 1 000 000x” and it was listed for $10 which is normally the price for around 100 000.

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