Thief Buyer Reported

Hi everybody,

I just want you to know that this user: FORTNITE PLUG $ [ONLINE] is a thief.

He blocked my transaction after I gave him the resources.

I really advise all sellers to use a recorder to avoid the same problem as me. I have a picture after he picks up everything that is going to have no value I think.
In addition it resells the resources that I sold to him what dishonesty.

It is a good platform anyway I recommend because there is some penny to take :slight_smile:

Good buy and good sale to all.

(I use google translate there must be some error forgiven me.)

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Did that person message you through the comments like this or this?

If so then you should check to make sure your listing has the word “Sold” in it, that means it was paid.

Can you give the profile link to “FORTNITE PLUG $ [ONLINE]”?

Not so much on topic, but I usually avoid and block any user with “online” in their nickname.

@galacticarm :

No, this kind of message I never answer and I report it.

" On Hold : The buyer has requested to hold the transaction for Gameflip to review. To expedite the resolution, please contact the buyer to resolve the issue directly. "

I ask him why he has HOLD but he does not answer. So I think he does not want to pay and will say that I do not give him the resources to get paid back…

The profile

The worst thing is that he has a lot of positive opinions…

@Pedja_Erakovic :

Yes sorry but I did not know or put this in topic.
Personally I use the mention (ONLINE) to signal that I am online and delivered as quickly as possible.
But you are free to make your choices.
Now I record any transaction, The bad payers can not lie when they watch the video.

I use the (Online) feature :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

If you have it video recorded, then you simply upload the (link) video to the private message to the buyer. Gameflip also sees this and will rule in your favor once confirmed the authenticity of the video.

If you look at the Gameflip guide for selling Fornite, it says

Start a video recording showing you and the buyer in the party

And then

If a dispute happens, follow up or create a support ticket with our supporting staff. Be sure to include your Gameflip profile Code (appears in your profile), the name of the listing, upload the recording to YouTube and send us the link.

Unfortunately at this moment I use only my phone to take 1 picture, I have the picture but it does not prove anything of my sincerity it just shows me and him after he is all picking up his head to the ground.

I learn from my mistakes :wink:

I’ve had several transactions with this person and would strongly disagree with you. I never had any issues with him

EDIT: I may be wrong lol sorry im referring to this buy

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Hi, will be closing topic since it is not relatable anymore and no need for further replies.

Topic was from July 2018 and the user is already not found based on the profile link that the topic owner has provided 2 years ago.

Yeah, it is probably a different person. There are quite some people with similar nicknames as well. No worries :slight_smile: