Want to report this person

I have a feeling this guy is one of the people who do these 50% discount trades.

In this picture he confirms that these cards are brute forced!

Here is one of the scammers that were selling 50% discounted cards

Here is that guy giving the scammer a good rate!

This is where he changed his name and picture

@DunnBiscuit please check this

He probably cashed out in amazon because he sells a lot of 10$ gift cards for playstation xbox and other. 1000% scamming. He was talking how he was making 1000$ a day and was rude towards me

I want to add that these pictures are from before 10 days or more

As you already know, I can only check it if you share his profile link.

Can you send it?

Thank you.

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I am really pissed how he played as a good person, even asked me the day before how i know they are scamming. The next day he scams them through his fake account which was freshly made, bought amazon gift cards and then bought xbox and playstation gift cards each 10 to 20 $ and now he sells them saying he got them legally on his description which is not true.

Before the scam he never sold any psns or xbox only hacked netflix codes… now hes successfully cashing out. Hopefully you ban him

Lucy :heart:

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Thank You! I accidentaly sent his card page not his account.

@DunnBiscuit he keeps selling his stolen items

I don’t see any stolen items, can you send me evidence of this?


You can see he gave positive feedback to the scammers account, the one who was selling 50% discounted cards. Thats his own account

What if I tell you many buyers with 0 feedback buy cheap stuffs to earn more ratings?
Edit: he offers receipts for his items too

He scammed the money with the scam account bought amazon cards, deposited them and bought the gift cards, of course amazon would give receipts… AMAZON DOES NOT DO DISCOUNTS ON GIFT CARDS as this seller says

If there’s no problem, just move on. If all sellers with high discount are reported like this, they just simply raise the price. Problem solved. Why don’t you question reputable sellers when they have big discount on their items once in a while?

Big sellers dont scam thousands of dollars. The 50% discount sellers scam people and people get nothing for their hard earned money.

@DunnBiscuit did you see the first picture where he says his codes are brute forced?

I need more evidence on how te code is brute forced so I can investigate further.

If you have any other evidence, please, send to me via PM.

I dont have but he is piblicly admitting that also he gives positive review to a scammer. Dont know what else is required…

@DunnBiscuit unsure why you don’t contact me directly for more information on how my codes are obtained. Rather than assume and ban me you should of came to me. You can check all my feedbacks IP, none of them are me and I assume they’re all on their home connection.

All the codes I’ve listed are obtained from amazon. Nothing illegal and had no issues with any codes. Ever.