Warning for no reason or "Do not use a picture of the product you are selling"

What does that mean?
99.9% posts of In-Game items contains image of these items according to rules of GF, cuz listing must represent item what selling. Wrong image can be marked as Misleading Content. All sellers need to draw their own pictures of every game item in every game? Sounds very strange and
disrupting the work of sellers on the entire marketplace.

UPD: Two examples of “forbidden” images:


I’ve received the same for displaying the picture of Fortnite gift card - the same picture displayed on 100s of major retailers sites; it’s not even an art, just an ad

Yes, I made up my own text. The story is strange…

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For me it is the same with Fortnite items they keep deleting my pictures. The strange thing is this happens to me only on gameflip no other marketplace is doing that. I assume its because they are missing a license which other market places have. ITs super annoying because even though i already cut the pictures insanely (sometimes you dont even recognize the skin anymore) they still keep deleting it.

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I would like to hear an explanation from the administrators. Items of any game cannot be sold for real money, and images cannot be used. Then how do we sell?

Hello @Imelior,

Keep in mind that each game has a specific set of rules for in-game items, not all games are the same.

Now on Gameflip, we provide delivery through Steam Bot and coordinated transfer, depending on the game. So you can pick the best option for you.

Also, regarding the images, some publishers made requests to not use their trademark/copyrighted images, but you can feel free to use any image that was not created by them to sell your item.

In case you have more doubts regarding this, please contact the support team using the link below?


God Speed! :trident:

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