We need to stop this

I was looking around on Gameflip and I saw someone who were selling nudes and don’t think that is right i mean kids use the app i just don’t think that is a good thing to do i mean this app was made for games not porn tell me if you agree

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I agree. This is seriously undermining Gameflip’s credibility and reputation.

Alot of this porn being sold is marketed as revenge porn (ex-girlfriend pictures being sold on without the ex-girlfriend’s permission and to spite her).

This is illegal in quite a number of countries and should carry an instant permanent suspension (minimum).

Yea it really bad

It’s Gameflip not pornflip

Just make sure to report listings like these if you do happen to see them. You could link a few of them here and Dunnbiscuit might be able to take care of them.

Worst part is she’s sold a few bundles like that to some poor souls. :roll_eyes:

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Best part is that i get mine free from google :wink: jkjk