New Feature Request - Flagging Inappropriate Content

Could we please get an option the flag inappropriate listings. I know the staff is busy pushing updates but some of these listings seriously required a flag option. You’ve finally got your first attempt of a member to sell adult movies… To make it worse when an obviously younger member told him it was inappropriate the member responded with even more inappropriate comments. I’d post a screenshot but I’m not going to further the problem by posting it here. Just search for a 4 letter keyword starting with “p” that the forum auto filter blocked and you’ll find it…

@BurTheFly @linhtropy @op_JOkEr

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Yikes, good find dude. Hopefully something like this can be implemented…yikes

It was bound to happen eventually and the Gameflip staff removed the listing with a quickness. I stumbled upon it while browsing random listings and was surprised to see it as well.

At least the listing was removed quickly and I assume the seller has invited a permanent ban for posting obviously inappropriate material. Not really something you want your kids to come across while looking for video games & other related items.

Now that the issue is resolved, I’m flagging this post to be removed from the forum. I’m sure the necessity of such a feature has not gone unnoticed…

@Cts_GameFlip Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We do have an internal tool to delete these inappropriate listings as well as ban users, so please let us know by sending us a ticket through the Help section if you find anything else. This will have to suffice until we can develop and push out a reporting function. :persevere: We are also constantly on the app ourselves to manually find these listings and delete them, but community support is appreciate as well! :blush:

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