REPORT INAPPROPRIATE? Does that even work?

If you see a listing that’s against the gameflip guidelines and you report do gameflip even look into that issue?
Show says send ticket and then nothing.
No reply nothing :slight_smile:
When i do something wrong you guys take 1 min to suspend my account. Strange

Please link the profile and the item that breaking ToS.

If its something bad @DunnBiscuit will deal with the issue.

Yes they do look at the report if you report people (by using the report buttom on user profile) but gameflip wont email you back if they take action versus the person you report.

Lucy :heart:

Yes, we look into that issue. We check every report we receive on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many of those doesn’t have the needed information but we try to get to the bottom of the issue.

These reports aren’t answered indeed, they are not regular tickets as expetected.


Okay thankyou