Flagging Content

A recent post on the forums brought to attention something that really was inevitable. Content that should be flagged for one reason or another. Maybe it’s somebody who thinks they can sell their porn movie/game. Maybe it’s somebody making a joke post. Maybe its even somebody who’s item is in question of the legitimacy. The first thing that should be said is simple:

If you question if it’s a good thing, don’t ignore it.

The team at GameFlip should be the ones to decide if they want the product on their app or not, but they aren’t superhuman, they need our help. So how can you yourself help the team make the app/sight a better place to shop and sell? By flagging the content of the page. Before you go anywhere else fro the post, make sure to do a screen capture of it from your phone with the item pictured and the title.

After you get the screen capture, you go into the “Help” part of the page and then Contact Support. Fro their, you click on Technical Issues to set up the appropriate ticket. Fill out something explaining what you found and why you think it should be taken down, then add the screen capture.

Send that puppy on its way and let the team do its magic. If they deem the item to be safe and something they are fine with having on their sight, great. If not, they usually will take the offensive or strange item down within a day or two.

And that’s how you do a proper report. That is, until we get a flagging button on the page anyway. Until then, I hope this bit of advice helps!

If you have any other questions on Flagging, or you have your own suggestions on this, feel free to comment and share!


Thank you for sharing this @Raxynus! This definitely helps us out, and like you said, eventually we will have the ability to easily flag inappropriate listings.

The other things I’d like to add. Is doing the same process for inappropriate comments on listings. We know that this is something else that can get out of hand and want to be able to make Gameflip a friendly place for all. So in the meantime, please contact us and we will take the appropriate actions on the listings/comments and whoever is associated with it if need be.

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That’s a good point @BurTheFly that I didn’t even think of. I mean, one of the biggest strengths as gamers is also our biggest fault; our competitive nature. Because of this nature, and in varying degrees for many, we find that even something as simple as a hello can be followed up with a “■■■■ You”. To that degree, we have to try and remember to help each other have the same, safe environment that we want from what is listed while also keeping the environment safe when we actually talk to each other.

As the app grows and improves in the future, we can expect that people will try to hurt others or post whatever they want all in the name of a joke or the I-don’t-give-a-rat’s-■■■ about-this kind of way of thinking. That’s just how the internet and social media grow in general. It is up to us to help the creators of this beautiful marketplace in keeping it safe and good natured.