I got suspended and I haven’t sold anything??

Yesterday I got Gameflip, and listed a bunch of gamerpics for people to buy, the next day I wake up finding I’m suspended, please help

I bet that you didnt read the article about prohibited items on Gameflip.

Read this please ARTICLE

I didn’t but I didn’t break any rules

This might also help.

Although it isn’t very clearly stated Gameflip takes a very dim view on selling nude images/videos on the platform from my understanding. Some of this is illegal material and numerous sellers have popped up trying to sell revenge porn and been shut down.

I ain’t done that

I was selling gamerpics

Pleas help

You should check your emails / Included your Junk folder as Gameflip sends Suspended account users a reason and duration for any suspension.

If you want a Moderator to look at this for you then you will need to provide them with the following information:

Your Invite Code

If you do not receive a response then you can contact one of the Moderators by PM:

1 DunnBiscuit
2 op_JOkEr

I am also curious what you mean by Gamerpics?

Were you offering to create Gamerpics/Profile Pictures for people, selling pictures of Gamers or is this some kind of in-game item I’ve never heard of?

Creating gamerpics for people, and also I can’t even log in to my account and see my invite code

My account is called Fortnite Gamerpics✅

Can you post the correct URL to your profile (even if it says user not found). Your suspension email should include an “Invite Code” in it. Post that here so a moderator can look up your account.

Does the “Gamerpic” involve you logging into other people’s account? Maybe you were suspended in the belief that you were selling accounts.

Also, can you send me via PM the phone number used to register your account so I can try to locate it and give you more information?


No, I just send it to them via snapchat etc