We need clarification!

Hello there,
I see that there was an extreme spike in sales and people were selling cs go skins for ridiculous prices… I sold part of my pubg inventory in this period and now I am worried because payments aren’t going through in the average time frame (I understand there is more cash outs than usual but not replying to people’s questions or tickets makes people freak out) This isn’t a joke I have some serious money invested in pubg and my cash out is 15,000+ usd … if you could just give us some more in depth clarifacation on why PayPal is taking so long it would go a far way! We’re just worried because some of us have some serious money invested in this. Thank you for any information you can give us! Just want to add I understand you made a post prior to this but you also said there was nothing wrong with PayPal which there clearly is. Thanks.

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Hey, we have already posted our official statements, please check them here:

About sales:

About payouts:

Please, feel free contact me via PM if any other clarification is needed.