What can I do ?

So I don’t know what to do. I sold a 3ds game to this person on last Sat. All I did is just ship the game, just like how I sold 2 other 3ds games a while ago, simple enough, right?

Then later on Monday, he opened a dispute claimed that the game doesn’t have the case and it doesn’t play pass the opening title? which I did ship it with the case just as the pics show, and I did make sure the game work fine too.

I did contact the support but what am I suppose to do? This is first time happen to me.
Btw, not sure is this count, he opened the dispute at 9 am but on the USPS tracking, it showed that the game deliveried to his address at 3 pm…

Did you talk with the buyer through the order page? You can wait for support to reply (support@gameflip.com) or you can leave your invite code or order ID for a forum moderator.

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I did talk to him, he said “No case and game won’t play pass opening title” which I was confuse. But I decide to send ticket to support instead of asking this buyer for more infor because I had a feeling he is hiding and lying to me.

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