What is the policy about buyer's requesting an off site trade?

Let me clarify what I mean. I’m not talking about scams. I’m aware of how to avoid those.

I’m talking about a buyer who desires to do a standard trade for items or keys and either can’t, or doesn’t want to buy the item for cash.

This can happen legitimately for a few reasons, one of them being items that simply can’t be found elsewhere. This may be the only spot where they’ve found what they want, such as a certed item or a painted uncommon wheel, but they can’t pay cash.

Is there a policy that forbids this? I realize it would be impossible to police, but I still like to follow the rules at all times.

To be extra clear, I’m talking about rare cases. I’ve only had one request for this after quite a few sales and it is for a hard to find uncommon item.

On the practical level, Gameflip can’t know nor verify that it takes place outside of Gameflip. Thus, you’re on your own (no protection) for transactions outside.

If just item-for-item trading (no cash involved), Gameflip even refer you to Traderflip to do just that, so it’s not prohibited. Of course, you’re still on your own to protect yourself.

Ok, thanks for clarifying. :slight_smile: