What's the etiquette on neutral ratings for buyers

Whenever a buyer fails to complete a transaction within 3 days, I will leave a neutral rating, saying the transaction auto-closed as the buyer never rated.
Is that what other sellers do? I ask because one buyer was upset that I did this, and then left a negative feedback for the transaction.
Which makes me think I should not rate the transactions that auto close.

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In those cases when the buyers let the order pending until the exhaustion of the time frame I just don’t rate him/her until he/she rates me first.
If you think about it the ending result is pretty much the same as rating them “neutral”, but with the perk that in case the buyer wants a good rating he/she will come to rate you first (getting and giving back negative reviews would be the worst case scenario, but it would also be possible).

Most neutral ratings that I’ve seen (and got) were from escalated dispute resolutions (each party receives an automatic neutral rating)

that’s a good point about waiting until they rate first, thanks

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Personally as a seller I’d avoid the neutral imo. To me it’s either a positive or a negative. I often wait past the three days as a buyer simply because of the amount of fraud that happens with CC purchased codes and then being subsequently revoked. If a seller were to give me anything other than positive it basically means something was up with that transaction and in an industry where the client to supplier ratio is high I don’t see a reason to rock the boat.

I always rate my buyers positive. Three days is not much and many buyers are just in “buy-enjoy” mode, don’t bother to rate and I don’t mind. They are not breaking any rule and I want them to be pleased with complete service. My only policy is - if buyer left a comment with positive rating, I’ll leave nice comment, too.