When to get instant cash out

Hi, i am wondering how many exact sales you need for you able to get instant withdraw after sales completed? i am pure gift card seller, as overall 124 sold (95 positive ratings no negative) and yet i’m getting 3days and 12 hours countdown to make withdraw on each sales

About 6 month ago it was 300 sales and you’ll get your money instantly, right now it could be the same or more.

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Oh, so i need to get 6 months old plus getting 300 sales up in total?

Once you get to 300 sales, your money should be instantly available to withdrawl

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I have over 600 reviews, 100% positive. I still have to wait 18 hours.

Really, so no idea what to be exact or accurate needed sales or good ratings for be able us to withdraw instantly after completed sales :frowning: i asked gameflip support and they won’t disclose exact info about that haha

I do not know about that but I feel that the ‘Kind’ of items you are selling plays a part in timing. I think if you sell Giftcards and Codes, it will have a Holding time as they are more likely to be vulnerable. Big amount of money would probably take some time as well since it is about a big sum… Ingame items would be a different story since it is very easy to prove you have given the item.

If you ever went to the fortnite section, there were a lot of scammers during Minty pixkaxe code. (few months back) Selling for $15 when it was $30. Yes, most of them were new accounts to scam people but overall this is protects everyone.

Personal Opinion. Thanks :slight_smile:

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