Verified and 100+ sales, Cash still Pending

My code is CR7J7K, I’ve talked to fellow traders and they say that they can cash out instantly, with far less sales than me, because they became verified.

I’m verified with 139 lifetime sales and 100% feedback, and still have to wait almost 2 days before I can cash out. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is it something that happens over time? My account is roughly 7 months old

Not sure if it’s different now but on 2019, When I reached 350 sales, balance was instantly on my wallet to cash out.

Which payment method you are using for cash out? For example BTC will not be paid out on the weekend.

With Payoneer or Skrill the cash out will be reiceved directly (under 5 min). We never waited longer than 30 min its perfect as seller!

The BTC payment will be paid daily from Monday till Friday daily between 11 am - 2 pm EST. But sometimes you must wait a little bit longer because of the confirmation of the BTC (except on public holidays BTC´s will be not paid out regulary).

All in all the payment on GF is really good if you compare it with other sides! Only on one point GF should be work. The BTC pay out rate is often to (extremly) high! We know it´s not directly the false from GF but the payout company should be changed in the future!

For high volume GC seller is it really unfair if you sell for example for 10K GC and at the payout you only get 8.5K. The other 1.5K which should normaly yours you lost because the rate isnt corecct. In this case you not only lost your earning you also must pay on it! At least you lost twice your money which is really unfair and mean :confused:

For the future it would be really nice if they could fix this problem with the unrealistic BTC rate!

All in all Gameflip is the best place for buyer and seller for digital GC/Games/etc. We are safe and very thankful that the GF-Team works hard on it to make this place here so safe and very comfortable. For example if you have a problem on GF the support normally answering/helps you in under 72 h.
Its a really fast for a side with 4-5 million active users (on G* you can be happy if you will get your answer in under 3 month).

Thanks a lot for this guys :pray:

I’m using skrill and even when it says 2-5 days, I can cash out today and get my money tomorrow which is nice. The only issue I’m having is the 1 day and 12hr wait that I have to wait for my money to stop pending from Gameflip, even after being verified. I know several sellers who have a fraction of my sales and their money is available as soon as they sell an item


It has nothing to do with being verified, but it is related to your sales score, which is an internal parameter that we use to instantly release sales proceeds or retain them for a few days. The higher the score, the less you will have to wait for your funds to be available.

For more information on this, see this article below:

Note: Spamming negative comments towards Gameflip without proof or further knowledge will result in your forum account being silenced or suspended without any warnings.

I’m not spamming negative comments, I’m just a bit confused on how your guys algorithm works. Like I said, there’s people with half the ammount of sales/reviews and they’re getting instant access. There’s plenty more out there just as confused. Not trying to slander

Sorry, that was a note for everyone. I was not mentioning you specifically. Negative comments have already been removed from this topic as well.

Also, can you DM me some examples of users who can instantly withdraw? Don’t worry, I just want to check that the values are working as they should

I got it figured out, I’ve been looking at their total reviews thinking that was the sales. That’s my fault. They however do have more sale reviews than I do. You can remove or close this topic if you would like too :slight_smile:

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