Where’s my full refund?

I had recently bought titanium white Draco’s and a heatwave for pc and the 1 seller was a scammer and the other took to long so I refunded both and ended up getting a 2$ back out of the 45 that I spent and in the help section it says that the seller would get a 100% refund so where is it at?

Go to the two orders https://gameflip.com/purchases and paste the Order IDs here so the moderators can look at it. Also post your invite code.

Are the orders marked as “CANCELLED” with a gray ribbon on the purchases page?

Why should I trust you I’ve been scammed multiple times I’m not gonna get scammed again. Unless your a moderator I don’t trust you

And yes they do say canceled

He’s trying to help you



Your Gameflip account and forum account are separate. The moderators use your invite code to identify you on the Gameflip website, otherwise they have no idea who you are. You may have multiple sales, so giving the exact order ID would save them the time of having to search for the problematic order in your sales history.

If you do not want to reveal those information then you can private message the moderator. To unlock the private message feature you’ll have to browse the forums for 10 more minutes to get the “Basic” user badge.


the 1 seller was a scammer

Could you please explain how that seller scammed you?

You can trust @galacticarm since he is just trying to help you.

If you still face this issue, please contact me via PM so I can help you further.