Who got what for The Holidays

Why not share what new games you got over the Holidays so far? With sales everywhere I’m sure we all have something new we want to brag about.

My brother got me Endless Legend for Christmas along with several of the DLC for it so I could play it with him. It was pretty funny when I was asked to being out my laptop while everyone else was unwrapping gifts XD

I got myself Mad Max for XBO! Does that count :grinning:

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Yes it does :slight_smile: And that sounds like fun lol

Yeah I’m enjoying it so far. It’s definitely repetitive, but still fun! Probably won’t try to 100% it tho, there’s a lot of collectibles, etc.

honestly i didn’t get any presents. all my games i got i bought myself/ got some for free.
nothing really over the holidays except for winning Rainbow 6 Siege from gameflip.
all the rest i bought on/ after black friday/ cyber monday.

@BurTheFly, I usually just play games the way I want them first (and finish them) before even thinking about going for the full 100% run. Unless that’s part of the game, it doesn’t interest me much to go and collect the such-and-such for the so-and-so so I can get the Watchyamacallit to have a point increase or whatever lol

@Vincents_Gaming, Here wait, let me fix this for you; Vincent: "I won the Rainbow 6 Siege from Gameflip and was able to buy myself some awesome stuff for the holidays using my money sense to find good deals."
Their, fixed it for ya :slightly_smiling:

Haha, thanks man but i could have summed it up better just didnt want to brag lol. I actually got a couple games for free with purchases plus saved even more on other items. But that is still fitting :slight_smile:

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Well you’ve earned bragging rights as far as I can tell, I mean these contest are awesome but you are still going up against a looooot of people lol

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oh believe me the stuff i got youll be like wow nice deal! just like how i technically got the Halo 5 Limited Edition 1TB Xbox One Console for technically $387!
as well as other items / free games

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That sounds like a pretty awesome deal for sure. I wouldn’t know to much about the Xbox, I just stick to Playstation myself.

ok then ill let you know. So Normally the Halo 5 lim ed 1 TB xbox 1 is $499.99 EVERYWHERE.
On black friday/ cyber monday it was literally the same price almost everywhere still!!! UNBELIEVABLE. ( even gamestop was still 500.)
BUT Microsoft was having a sale for $50 off so it was $449. ( amazing). It also came with The limited edition halo 5( digital though) but obviously, It came with a $60 Gift Card ( which i used to but 2 BRAND new games ( Rise of the Tomb Raider and Raymen Legends.), Forza Horizons 2, and a $14.95 value( from microsoft) for a Halo 5 collectible pin set.). ALL that for $449 plus taxes which came out to $486.76
With $60 off for free games and i sold forza horizons 2 for $31 AND i used a cash back site and made $9.06 back so i technically only played $387 for it. SO its an amazing deal :slightly_smiling:

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