Why are scammers running free? Community Moderator Position?

Gameflip, we need to talk. Although the tremendous growth this past year has been amazing, the lack of support and response due to the influx of new users is really damaging the image and reputation of Gameflip. There will always be trolls and scammers, but it seems like no one is tending to them. Take for example this user (screenshots provided below), he made a typical scammer comment (Congratulations! Your item has been sold, please email me at…blah blah blah) plaguing Gameflip currently. If you look at the time stamp, that was over 2 weeks ago. However, his account remains at large, free to post, sell and attempt to lure more users off Gameflip to scam them.

Can we create a community moderator position to have someone provide more immediate help?


Mate your right but sometimes the people doing that make the mistake they deserve a chance