Why don't you do anything about this Seller?

This seller is spamming and relisting constantly! He sharing his all rocket league steam keys up to 100x. After 1 hours , he is deleting all posts and He starting again to spam.A lot of people are complaining about this seller.Why don’t you listen to these complaints? This seller’s posts are always on top. Please do something about this user now. He demoralized everyone in the RL Steam Tittle.
@DarkKnight , @DunnBiscuit @MajorTom



i was opened topic about that person with 2 other persons but i didn’t get any answer yet…

I already reported him but nothing…

@DunnBiscuit updating prices is seen as a form of relisting and is only possible to do it 1 time / 24h or not ? want to know because i frequently do that and i don’t want to be banned. thanks.