Why don't you do anything about this seller? That's not fair!

This is seller bumping all keys posts constantly at every 20 min.But why he didn’t get warned ?
Are you going to do something about this person?



We are handing out warnings to everyone that is relisting under 24h, so we can have a clean and fair marketplace with the comprehension of everyone.

So it will take some time for every seller to read and think about their actions.

We hope the warnings are effective, or else, we will have to take drastic measures.

:trident: New forum moderators!


Thank you so much!

He still spamming now …It’s been 1 day…

@DarkKnight … he’s complaining aboout that seller but he’s still spamming aswell , funny right ?
There’s the proof!

@Ewgar , everything is clear now, you only have to relist every 24 hours. u act like second falm

You are amazing!I changed the price of all my items. I didn’t share them again. ! When you change your items with ‘’ Change price’’ , post date updating. hahaha .the original sharing date of the item does not change in the main list.you’re wrong
Im sorry bro Please try it.


it was clearly a repost , i know about the changing price make the post time changes , but that was a repost cuz it got bumped up above others listnings , @DarkKnight will check about it not me !

when the item clicks on the link, it will write the update time. 6 hours ago I changed the price of all my items with “Change price button” . All managers can easily see the post’s main history. I didn’t bump :)))) . Then send the urls of posts so admins can take a look little boi

@DarkKnight please take a look at what @Ewgar just did, sent his profile url in the comment above ! i’m pretty sure he relisted his items but anyways check him out thanks
#PS : his items just went to the main page , thats not what changing prices does right ? im pretty sure he relisted anyways lol

I really feel sorry for you. Please go to your “Listings”. Items date will update.Managers will see this easily. Because in my “listings” section all my items appear with their original dates.I don’t need to lie to you. Admins will check this. And you’re gonna lose! :slight_smile:

allright i’ll try that

I just did, and the result is clear that what you said is wrong, i recorded a video, i edited the price of one of my items and it didn’t got bumped to the first page , just because you act like it does … but i know for sure it won’t get bumped like that lol… unless you relist, which what you did
@DarkKnight please check him out :slight_smile: and take the necessarily actions against him :slight_smile: lets make this marketplace a better place as you said !

I hope you regret your accusations and arrogant behavior. I changed the price of my items.This proof for you! This is a site property. Ad not updated!

Proof 2 :
The items in the profile are sorted by time order right? Metalwork 1 day ago listed. Zomba is listed after him but looks 7 hours ago. Do you understand now ?

@kakarotto01 This is the only way to change the prices of items in bulk. I did that, too. I hope you know how to apologize.Because you blamed me for nothing. Anyway… Hope to learn all the features and usage of the site.

I just explained what i have seen, now @DarkKnight will look into it and if there’s any violaton of rules he will do something about it , if i’m wrong then i’m wrong.