World of Warcraft support is out!

It’s with great pleasure that we announce support to one of the greatest games ever created, World of Warcraft! You can now buy & sell World of Warcraft goods on Gameflip (web only for now).

It doesn’t matter if you’re an active player looking to upgrade your gear or a retired fella sitting on WoW stuff that is worth a gold mine, it’s time to get what your stuff is worth on Gameflip.

This is just one of the many upcoming titles that will soon be supported at THE marketplace for all gamers, Gameflip. Would you take a wild guess on which game is next? :crazy_face:



Congrats! It makes me really happy to see Gameflip grow and you guys will always have my support, but it worries me that you guys are expanding and tapping into bigger markets/audiences when you guys are struggling to keep up with customer support and responses. With each new game/category brings a huge wave of buyers, sellers and problems. If you guys couldn’t keep up with ticket request before, how will this make things better? Again, I am not trying to offend or talk bad about Gameflip. I’ve joined over a year ago and haven’t stopped using Gameflip since. I want to be as honest as possible with my feedback. Support/response time has really gone downhill drastically. Hopefully the new employees can fill this void.


Thank you for your feedback and you’re right. More categories, more tickets etc.

We have more people on board and new processes are coming through to accommodate faster response rate.

This is the only thread I found related to WoW, do you happen to support classic WoW by any chance?