Zeref and the other guy

So @DunnBiscuit zeref scams qnd then transfers the money to the other account. He thought i wont catch em.

So basically he steals the money and sends it to his 2nd account so he can cash out without getting caught

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Damn, do yo think that is the guy from yesterday?

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Ask him was the “All game Shop” from yesterday his profile.

He wont respond

the problem is that a lot of people are buying from him, some new members who don’t know the rules get scammed! all his gcs are fake i guess

maybe is a stolen account…

It smells police is coming to his house

Funny how I think I’ve seen this guy before, scamming on one of my mmos. Not going to pinpoint him exactly though, just a thought lmao

No hacked accounts. Its gim

u should work here on site like investigator :slight_smile: u catch every single scammer :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha xd… thanks

Hello, I need a link to the his profile so I can investigate it further.

Thank you.

Dunn check msg please