1,5 times suggestion price limit on stickered CS:GO items

I realize that strictly enforcing the 1,5x limitation rule had to be done in light of the recent developments here, however it makes selling high value stickered skins on gameflip practically impossible, since these oftentimes draw a majority of their value from the applied stickers instead of the value of the base skin itself.

Is this a temporary measure until the market normalizes? And if not, are there any plans to implement any kind of detection system for a positive list of high value stickers (e.g. kato14, howling dawn, crown) that would lift the 1,5 limit?


interesting…look forward to hear the thoughts of the admins.

Hey, thank you for bringing this up.

So far, (and as far as I know), it is a temp measure due to the recent events we had.

Whenever we have changes regarding this we will let you know.