4 days in pending Approval ( bitcoin withdrawal ) Code inserted for help

just to make sure …
i have Bitcoins withdrawls … but its still “pending for approval” from early 12th oct

i just want to make sure its not lost in the system somehow … because i know thats its normally get approved but it takes time in transit and not in pending approval ( specially since its Bitcoin not Paypal )

Oct 12, 2017 $1,830.00 USDNeeds approval
Oct 12, 2017 $610.32 USDNeeds approval

My Code is : ULK6XP

if someone can be of some help here ( mods or Co-leaders ) that would be much appreciated … instead of waiting for the 1 Leader to do it for me and everything by himself
Thank you

maybe today or tommorow, just my opinion.
i have wait for bitcoin withdrawl too. but i believe in gameflip :grinning:

thanks x300% profit! :joy:

Hello @mind_exp, your payout is not lost.

The payout process is similar to the PayPal one, so they are within a queue and they will be approved once our team pay the older payouts.

Once approved a BTC payout takes up to 4 complete business days to process.