About Inga3 or other promotion

I know that it’s expired. Was the inga3 could use infinite uses? And how do I know if the code is infinite uses?


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No they are only 1 use


Hello, do take note that all Codes are 1 time use PER user unless stated otherwise.

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you really are rude

Was that really. Necessary?

Sorry but it’s incredibly annoying when people keep asking for codes and/or complaining when they no longer work!

Yeah, its annoying, just ignore them and move on. If people don’t reply hopefully they’ll realize it themselves

I wasn’t complaining at all and I only asking if that coupon is for unlimited uses per item.

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From what I have seen a code will almost never be able to be used more than once per person

It’s not as bad as how often they don’t work.

And on cue, somebody complains! They DO WORK! They are limited so you need to be quick, simples!

They have a limited use, you can turn on notifications from gameflip’s twitter for many of the codes, which would guarantee you can use it before the uses expire