Access to sell Nintendo games revoked? LOOOOL?

I received a message saying that some people (no proof) reached out and said there keys were revoked from the Nintendo games they bought from my store. So my Bitcoin address was revoked and all my Nintendo games put on hold.

This is absolutely none sense, the reason for that is the following. I have 1,000 positive reviews and 4 negative ones this is 0.4% (so not even 1%). Plus if there are 1,000 positive reviews it means that at least 3-4x more people than that bought keys from my store without ever complaining or leaving a bad feedback.

So how on earth can it be that because some random people claim they keys were revoked that I lose access on selling these type of keys? Who knows if those people were not even competitors of mine?

My feedback should be used as the measurement, what else is the feedback there then if the own Gameflip team can’t trust it more than some random people (potential competitors) reaching out.

So I really hope that this was some sort of misunderstanding and that the team can fix this, ASAP because it absolutely makes 0 sense, we talking less than 1% of negative feedback, 0.4% after selling more than 1,000 keys, so someone please look into this because again it must have been some sort of misunderstanding or glitch.


Could you please contact the support team using the link below?

Also, please check out the following topic created by @DunnBiscuit:

God Speed! :trident: