Account sespended

My account got suspended
My profile code: 76AQ7A

You and many others! What is the reason for it, bro?

Fraudulent claim or filing a chargeback after receiving a purchased item

What a surprise chargebacks aren’t allowed. Better get the BBB on this one @ConorJR69 !

Chargebacks? :joy::joy::joy::joy: where did u get that one from

Yeah ud love to get that promotion dont you :joy::joy::joy: promotion? Like edit posts and delete them? :joy::joy::joy::joy:maybe thats why u have all the time in the world to comment on every single post huh. Do something else with ur life bruh

I’m sorry I made you cry so much. What promotion? Do you think I work for gameflip?

Hello, for your specific case, please open a ticket to the support team if you haven’t done so already.