Account Suspended for link

Hello ! I only deal with honest sales of goods without fraud. I think my account was suspended because of the link to the .txt file (MediaFire) with the keys for steam.
The rules say that it is not forbidden to place links to other sites, if I follow all the rules of the GameFlip site.
All keys 100% working, this is not a scam. I think that it’s system mistake.
My account was suspended immediately when I put up for sale a product with a link instead of a code. (Nobody had time to buy)
I wrote this support 3 days ago. But I need to know, can I instantly unlock without penalties?

My invite code: AZPKP2

Thank you.


Hello infernys20,

Thank you for contacting us.

After looking into your account, we see that it was suspended for the following reason(s):

Involvement in other suspicious or fraudulent activity such as selling random codes and accounts, which are prohibited on Gameflip.

Gameflip Help

Can I get an account unlocked, provided I do not sell keys anymore?
Or can I withdraw the earnings?

Thank you.

link to the external website is prohibited my friend, why would you redirect people to MediaFire ?

I want to sell 83 keys, but I can sell only 50.

you could make 10x steam keys : ) if was random keys too, you can forget about unsuspend