Account suspended - Reason Conducting sales outside of GameFlip .

Hello !
My invite code is : HMTHWX

I just received a warning from gameflip 55 mins ago about this :

Because im showing my information on my profile , i didnt know that violate Term of User of Gameflip. After receive the warning , i tried to remove it but account immediately got suspended , i have no change to remove my information .

I got suspended because of showing my contact on my profile :

And give regular buyer’s contact after the transaction because i dont want to lose them.For one time purchase buyer , i never give my contact . I ensure i never sell out side of gameflip , this is example for a regular buyer :

To be honest , gameflip chat isnt easy to use with new user, even with me already sold thoudsand dollar on gameflip , i still sometimes miss some transaction until the buyer message me again

Whatsapp or any other live chat app is more friendly when i can receive call , live chat from buyer when then opened the transaction on gameflip while i didnt see notification of thier transaction on gameflip. So they can call me on whatsapp then i can answer them immediately .
Please @DunnBiscuit look carefully into my case help me to resolve the problem , i already sent to you a DM about this . This is my first time also the last time i break the Term&Condition . I swear i will never list my information also give my contact to any buyer in the future and i will remove my contact on my profile now!
Hope you will answer me soon in there and DM .

Thank you so much , best regards.

Also requests that @DunnBiscuit please get to this case ASAP. I have personally bought a gift card from this seller, and would like either the code or a refund asap. Thank you.

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Please give me your usename and Order ID and type of Gift Card you are buying , i will get back to you as soon as if i can.

ID: 6da847d6-1553-4fba-86ca-e8f2f141d7c5
Type: [:heavy_dollar_sign:100.00 iTunes - GCW - Fast&Easy​:heavy_dollar_sign:]
User: Jyccly Jyccly (invite ZGGUXQ)

Second time buyer, can vouch for this seller. Never received any offline advertising, and I wouldn’t deal offline personally due to safety concerns.

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I got you , im waiting @DunnBiscuit to help me out , i will remove my contact on my profile now also need to complete a lot of order ASAP because all buyer is asking me and i cant answer :frowning:

Yeah, I understand. I can wait, it’s no huge rush as long as things get resolved. Best of luck to you.

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Thanks so much for supporting and keep buying from me , will get back to you ASAP !

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Question: Can i put my email address on my profile’s description? Or is that considered as personal information

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As my knowledge , it is forbidden! I’m new with gameflip , so i didnt know the rule :disappointed: but now i know after find out why

“As part of a transaction, you may obtain personal information, including email address and shipping information, from another Gameflip user.” I saw this in the ToU, so i guess we cant put our emails in our profile description i guess

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@DunnBiscuit i know this is weekend and not your work time , pls let me know when you read my topic , i showed all clear evidence ! I need to reinstate all transaction asap , many buyer are waiting for me :pensive:

many buyer get mad on me because i cant send Gift Card to them , i already received 3 more bad rating ( from 2 to 5 ) :disappointed:

oh hey i remember you “GiftCardWorld” , i have buy lots of eGift card from you. its really unfortunate to hear that Gameflip didn’t you a warning first before suspending your account, but i hope @DunnBiscuit can help you out regarding this issue, he have help me resolve my account before. i thought it was ok to leave your contact information too, because sometimes its really hard to get in contact with seller/buyer whenever there’s a problem for the sales or trade at It’s just much faster and more convenience to get additional contact information from the seller or buyer, when the trade/sales goes invalid. anyway i hope you recover your account soon and hopefully @DunnBiscuit can restore your account back as soon as possible, so we can do more trading at

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This is unfortunate, but I’ll wait for you until it’s resolved. Hope we can continue to deal in the future, and hope for more discounts from you :).

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Hello, after checking your case I could unsuspend you. Please, don’t ahsre your personal information in your profile and/or transaction. Try the best you can to communicate withy uor buyers via Gameflip. They may contact you via your listings.

Let me know if you need any further help.

Thank you.

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Thank you so much for being greatest supporter . Please kindly check my DM ! Thanks again !

Congratulations! Please share your profile link after you get your account reinstated. I’d like to check your deals.

Thank you ! This is my profile : Gameflip | Buy & Sell Games, Gift Cards & More - Gameflip

You have WhatsApp but you don’t have Gameflip app that can receive notifications for you to deliver items?

Hey dude,

Really glad you got your account UNsuspended. Just a heads up though it’s generally not a good idea to post customers codes up in screenshots. If the client is holding on to them, you’ve essentially given someone free reign to try the codes out/leaving your customer with an exposed key.

Edit: Sorry I said glad he got his account suspended, when I meant to say unsuspended and just noticed. Totally not THAT big of a jerk I swear lol.

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