account suspended !!!!!!!

what is going on !!!

my account has been suspended!!!

I have more than 1200$ in the account most of them from add cash !!! which mean that I am not also a seller !!! my account is verified

I cant buy right now

I need a soloutin here

invite code F2PS7N

Create a ticket here

I feel bad oof


As I answered you in another post, your account is already unsuspended.


I wanna to know why it has been suspended for no reason in the first place ??

this means that I cant leave my money here !! and I should try to spend them all !!!

You made me live 23min in hill !!!

Maybe some “fake” report, your account is new?

11 month !
not new

BTW I need an answer from @DunnBiscuit

This is due to the US shipping address you have registered into your account. There are other users that have been suspended with the same address since it is from a Shipping Company I think and our system matched it with those accounts and suspended yours.

I fixed the account so it can happen less or even none at all.

I see that the suspension didn’t last more than 25 minutes though.

Thank you.

My account has been suspended twice by miatake!