Account suspension - promotion fraud

I give my Code on twitter, i give on my group, i give on forum. I received cash for 4 persons, for 5 person not received because notification broke. I wait for my order from yestarday. I today Wake up and information - your order was cancalled by gameflip. I try make next order and received information account suspension. Guys from Gameflip listen me: I not use any exploit, your Systems is broke and need repair. For the end, please, unlock my account

@Patryk_Nowak If you haven’t done so already, please contact Support and we’ll look into your account to investigate any actions that may have caused this. If we deem that your account was suspended under false pretenses, we’ll lift the ban.

Ok, i contact with you but i need good reply

support is ■■■■. they wont unban you. cuz they think that your refs are fake accounts