Accounts deadlock


I have created an account on gameflip for buying and selling and I got all the approvals and linked my mobile and my paypal to it, but when I tried to connect my steam, it failed.
After a search, I remembered that in the past I tried to create an account and it failed because my old mobile number was not supported in gameflip but this account has been linked to my steam.

I contacted the support and I told them about what happened and they asked me to use the old account and after a long thread they accepted to remove my phone number from the new account and I used it in the old one, BUT they are refusing to unlink my paypal account from the new account so I will be able to use it in my old account!!! they asked me to get 50 sales in the new account in order to be able to remove the paypal, but how can I sell while my steam is linked with the old account and they removed the phone as well from it!!!

now, I am in a deadlock that my new account is linked with my paypal with no steam, no mobile and the old account is with mobile, steam and no paypal !! and they are refusing to link my paypal to this account though I told them I can prove that it belongs to me in any way they want.

Now how this situation can be solved ? Why they make it so complicated to solve customer issues ?

Can you inform your profile code?
I believe I have just answered your ticket.

yes you did … Thank you so much for the help. Now you can deactivate the new account as well with code : HD4R32.

A small note, in the new account HD4R32, I submitted my ids and I got all the approvals to sell and buy.
I did send the photos again to the old account, can this do a problem ?

There shouldn’t be a problem, if your documents were approved the first time I don’t see why they wouldn’t be approved now.
Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for the inconvenience!

No problem, your help and understanding are highly appreciated.
Have a great day!

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Tali, They rejected the document. Same documents that I got approval on the stopped account, can you please help ? What’s wrong ?

I have just checked your new account and your ticket about this.
Please remove your ID from this plastic green thing and take a picture of the back of the document, then submit all documents again.
Thank you for your cooperation!


Thanks, all ok now