All my purchases have been cancelled!


I am a Chinese player, I want to buy the game or other things I need them here, but all my orders have been cancelled. But China on your website needs via VPN, buy I fill out the address is the transport company address, I can provide any information related to Chinese identity information with bank card payment etc., can make my account for white list??

Thank you very much

If you haven’t done so already, please contact Support so we can further assist you and better understand what’s going on.

The support asked me to provide the United States billing address proof, I did not, I told the support said that I was Chinese can not provide the United States proved but customer service ignored me

the support reply :“Thank you for replying back and sending your information. After looking over everything, unfortunately we’ve gone ahead and cancelled your recent purchase(s) due to inconsistencies. Your payment has been refunded back to its original source.”

Can anyone help? …

This would be the reason why then. If you cannot verify the information that we ask for, then we will have to cancel the transactions that you’ve made.

My credit card is China. But the website does not support China’s billing address, so I can only fill in the u.s.transport company address!

Is there any way to solve this ?

We do not accept Credit Cards from China at this time. We only allow for PayPal. If you do not already have a PayPal account, I’d recommend creating one and you can pay with your credit card through PayPal.

I’m paying by PayPal. But the show was under reviewed, and then it was canceled. To provide us with information about the United States…

no one can help? ???


Please respond to the Support emails that we send you, as the Forums is not the best place to assist you with this.