Amazon GC(balance hold)

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I am also on the same boat.

My Code: 3SD2ES
Ticket #:462296

Order IDs:

From Amazon Account:

Same issue here. Already have my own post, but want to make sure that I’m not missed if the moderators look at this thread.

Profile Code: 6X373W
Ticket #: 461627

All of my order IDs, screenshots, and chat with Amazon are attached to my ticket.

Hopefully all of us that were affected can get this issue resolved.

hi again @DarkKnight. my gameflip name is Lou. my profile code is PV8BNJ. my ticket number is 461685. i just got off the phone with amazon and they have concluded their investigation and i was amazed to hear that the person who sold me the five $20 gift cards was the person who also redeemed them all! apparently this seller had pending orders using these gift cards and since the orders were pending the money on the gift cards was not yet used so that allowed me to redeem them on my account. but when the pending orders the seller placed were fulfilled, the gift card money was completely used up and when that happened amazon went ahead and removed them from my account. i asked them to please email me this info confirming that the purchaser of the cards was the one who used them and they did and ive attached that email here. they were not allowed to give that persons name for security reasons but they did supply me with an amazon order number from that persons account which is where they used the gift cards. they also listed the 5 gift card numbers in question, so my $100 was taken away by amazon because the seller committed fraud and used the cards right after giving us the codes. please see the attached message from amazon and i hope this is enough to finally get my money back. thank you.

Hello all,


Your cases were revised and answered via ticket. The refunds were made accordingly.

For those that were asked to provide more information, please send it to us by replying the ticket as well.

We are sorry to hear about this issue.

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I have replied back via the ticket and have attached the screenshots from the Amazon account. Hoping the refund shows up in the gameflip wallet shown. Please let me know if you need further information.

Thank you

This is great news! I’ve provided the remaining info through the ticket email.

@MajorTom I have one final question. What will happen to the seller?

Tickets were replied. It may take some days for the refund to show up.

The seller was permanently banned from our marketplace as soon as we received more reports of revoked codes from different users.

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@MajorTom thank you for your kind help. im curious, does gameflip issue the refund and then go after the seller or is the sellers money on hold so you can actually take it back from him? i ask because im hoping the seller doesnt get the money at all because of the fraud he committed. thank you.

Hello Lou_From_Brooklyn!

In this case, the money that was refunded was taken out of his sales funds. So everyone that he scammed has a chance of retrieving their money back.

God speed!

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Hi. Two months ago I bought from this seller (Evgeniy Navikas) Amazon 5 usd gift card and unfortunately I cant use this card because card was expired but I did not notice any information in description about expiration date. I bought card, checked balance and after few days I wanted to redeem and I faced with error about expired gift card. Can you help me in this case?

Order ID 0ed76ad8-37a9-40e2-9425-717e6cf2aae0

you are right, amazon gift cards aren’t supposed to expire, so it was more likely cancelled by amazon.

Just curious, how did you check the balance without redeeming the card?

I contacted with support of Amazon and they gave me information about status of gift card.
@MajorTom @DarkKnight please help

Hi, my gameflip name phoenix, code WF4KRA, I buyed 2 x 35$ amazon gift card from gameflip name Amazon gift cards seller, first everything ok, I redeemed codes but when checked 10 minutes later saw pending balance hold warns as attached. Amazon send post today cancelled one order and other will be cancel too. I opened submit and informed gameflip help but still not replied.

order id: 795438e6-f509-4160-88c7-9ad5bd01e805

Can anybody help me?

Hi, seller screenshot as attached

Amazon send post for cancel of one my orders.


I hope moderators can contact seller and seller refund me.


Can I get help?

Please answer

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