Amazon suspended my account after redeeming card from NICHOLAS BIRKS

My Amazon account was locked after using one of their codes.

@NicholasBirks I need the gift card receipt ASAP to see if I can recover the account, though I am likely still screwed out of $400 in real cash. (or at least, $300 after I get the $100 back from this fraudulent seller)

If I am unable to recover my account, this seller needs to be banned.

He made a $100 Amazon Autodelivery listing, which ended up being 2 $50 codes. The first one worked, but the second one was invalid. EXTREMELY SKETCHY. After disputing, he gave two $25 replace codes, ALSO VERY SKETCHY. I shouldn’t have redeemed them but I had good transactions with this seller in the past so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I guessed wrong.

Nicholas Birks sent me bad gift cards and now my account is locked and suspended.

Order ID 0eb24ea1-2a59-4c15-9832-df685ddc6f44

The last screenshot was taken from a window that I happened to have kept around before the account was suspended.

At the very least, I want to recover the $100 from this transaction. I’ll recover the other $300 in real money through other means.


help please

Case now opened. ID #582368

Hello @Kaetif,

Sorry for the wait.

I can see that your issue is already being handled by the Support Team.

In the last response, the Support Team requested you to contact Amazon and understand what happened to the code. So please contact them through the chat and send the screenshots of you requesting them to check.

They need to have this information (screenshots) to guarantee that the code your are informing was the one that locked the account.

Also, please inform them that your are requesting this information.

God Speed! :trident:

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You get your money back?

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