android 1.6 - digital goods?

i just got the newest version of gameflip andriod app and google playstore says the new update includes the ability to sell/buy digital codes. how does that work? i couldnt figure it out

Hey @John_Blaine! This particular feature was pushed out accidentally a little too premature with the latest build. So it might not be completely well rounded yet, but we will have more information regarding this soon! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Listing for digital goods is fully out on both Android and iOS.

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Hey @John_Blaine! I meant to ask you earlier, but do you still have any questions about the digital flow?

no question. i have sold a couple of DLC already. but i just wish there’s a relist option for the android version of the app. to make a listing of physical good is easy if you can scan the upc and the title and description are prefilled. but with digital goods i have to write out everything so its a hassle to do it over and over for a couple of bucks.

Trust me I know, I’ve been fighting for that feature on the Android for a while now :unamused: BUT your comment is going to help me spin this again as something of importance! But glad to hear the digital flow has been helping you out.

wait i just noticed that besides the 10% commission fee there’s another “digital” fee? wtf?

Hey @John_Blaine, sorry for the delayed response. We wanted are best to not have to include this fee, but ultimately needed to to help a couple of situations. The first one being that this will help offset all merchant fees. We actually absorb all of these fees ourselves and with the integration of PayPal, the fees are much higher. The other reason is that with digital, there’s a higher possibility of fraud. This extra fee will also be dedicated to helping minimize this and making a better experience for everyone.

Really liking the digital goods feature really helps with the sale of all items that are digital.
one thing i would suggest though is having a dedicated section for all digital goods like you do for games and consoles, etc. Then mini categories by steam, uplay, origin, xbox, psn etc
that would make finding all digital items much easier to find and sift through.
but again thanks for the new digital goods. Also i dont mind the extra small fee as it helps us in the long run.

Glad to hear you’ve been liking the digital feature! I do agree that we should also have a separate category for digital, which is something we are kind of testing in other markets, but also do want to build up the digital presence first before giving it it’s own category.

Also, I don’t know if you had seen the “Browsing” preferences in the Settings, but this may help with searching as you can choose what you want and don’t want to see!

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yes really liking it. And no worries, I myself and steam pumpkin will bing up the array of Digital items for sale lol.
even if i have to have 100+ listings of digital codes i will!

and i did see the newer version of physical or digital that good too.