Anyone else buy codes from steam pumpkin that didnt work?

Bought 2 $50 psn cards and both had 15 digits instead of 12. I’ve bought from him before and this is the first time having a problem. Been waiting over a day for a response.

Yeah same happened to me i got mine last night and saw that it was 15 characters. I had figured he accidently added a couple or something like that. I tried every character with different combinations but had no luck. Still waiting for either a new code or refund.

We apologize about the inconvenience that this has caused. Steam Pumpkin has reached out to us an let us know that there was a listing error with these. We are working with them to help resolve any buyer affected by this as they will be replaced.

So we may get a replacement code?

I just bought a code from steam that didn’t work has this happen9to anybody else recently

They’re a very reputable Seller and sure they’ll be able to assist you in fixing the issue. However, make sure you do follow the steps outlined in the FAQ article below whenever you have an issue with any transaction.