App keeps crashing! Unable to pay for item!

I have tired on two different devices now. I am trying to buy an item and each time I try to pay for it, the app crashes! I have my card info in and have chosen a shipping address, then when I try to confirm the app crashes and exits. Help!



That happened to me the first couple of times. Are you sure you’re up to date?

Yes I was up to date on both devices. I ended up deleting out all of my information and setting everything up again (card, address, etc.) It finally worked.


I’m glad to hear that it finally worked and do apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused. Also, thank you for letting us know how you went about fixing this so we can let others know!

This occasionally happens when you do not have enough credit or cash to complete a transaction. Merely restart the app and check your balance.

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The app crashes for me when i go to place my order, then it charges my debit card every time i click it again. It’s infuriating!

File a support ticket, and they can take a look at your account to help you.

@tuckjharding If you haven’t done so already, please contact us through the app at Help > Contact Support so we can better assist you with this issue.