Auto page refresh is not working after purchasing something


Yesterday (24h ago) I noticed a problem with the store where if you buy something by clicking on “Place Your Order” nothing would happen. It usually refreshes the page and moves you to the order page automatically.

I thought maybe it didn’t click correctly, but when I clicked “Place Your Order” again I was greeted with an error “Listing not available for sale” and I thought someone bought it a second before me. Turns out the order did go through for me and I found it on my purchases page!

I bought 17 listings yesterday and this was a nightmare to deal with and it causes a confusion because you have to go to your purchases page and visit that order from there. Anyone else having the same issue?

Im using Chrome. Nothing was changed with my setup recently. Been buying from Gameflip for more than a year and I never had this problem before.

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Noticed this myself yesterday. I went to my Purchases and clicked on a listing to see it refreshing regularly until key showed up. There is a problem on initial page after “Place Your Order” button is clicked, nothing is happening.

It was fixed yesterday. Man that was a pain to deal with!

Hey BlackEdition!

Sorry for the inconvenience that caused and we are glad that you are able to use the Gameflip platform normally now.

Have a wonderful day!

God Speed! :trident: