Automatic Negative Feedback

Just as the title says I received an automatic negative review because the buyer cancelled their today. This came following us having a conversation about how if he wanted a different item I could cancel with no penalty. He then proceeded to purchase another one of my listed items. I just do not see why I was penalized for the buyer wanting to swap out an item. This will be the 6th time I have been automatically rated negative.

Code: 6UBBHS

Hello Cody_Gauthier!

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

In this case, the system automatically analyses a quantity of cancelled orders and submits a negative review to your account. So this does not mean that you received a negative review for this order specifically, but for a quantity of cancelled orders that you had in a period of time.

God Speed! :trident:

Just seeing this but how on earth does that make sense? I promise you the negative feedback was in regards to that one specific order. I do multiple transactions per day. It’s quite obvious that it was the one order, not to mention why would you be penalized for cancelling an order on a buyer? Do you also sell on this site or are just a moderator? If you sell on the site than you understand the sheer number of people that are unresponsive after a they purchase your item. You are forced to cancel on them after the 24 hours, as if you do not they will cancel resulting in you receiving a negative rating much like I had. To add, I have purchased many many times from “Reputable” sellers only to have them become unresponsive and cancel the purchase. This has never resulted in them receiving a negative feedback. If you wish to provide sellers with negative feedback after cancellation, perhaps you should leave it to the victim to write a review. To add a bit more, oftentimes a buyer will change their mind and ask you to cancel so they can purchase something else. If this even has the possibility to display a negative review, this should be looked at.

Automatic negative after so many cancellations damn glad I seen this I get bozos all day that buy ■■■■ and don’t reply for 2 days like wtf is that ■■■■ then cancel it bc wtf didn’t know you get penalized for it