Awesome "Buyers Guarantee" (sarcasm)

Purchased two gift cards, tried to redeem and had zero balances.

Tried to work it out with seller, who accused me of trying to scam him…for $12…

Open dispute, provide requested info, gameflip rep even has me contact the giftcard company and request a full transaction report for the card. Company does not provide this over digital means.

Provide transcript of convo to gameflip rep. He asks me to wait while he looks into it.

Meanwhile, another gameflip rep sends me an email stating the required information requested hasnt been sent in time and released the funds to the seller…

Bravo Gameflip

Hello @ThatBradGuy,

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

Could you please provide me the order ID(s) so I could check this issue further and get back to you?

God Speed! :trident:



Are these the order ids?

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Hello @ThatBradGuy,

I have verified the issue and understand what happened.

Every time a dispute is escalated to the Support Team, they verify the case and send emails accordingly to the buyer and/or seller to try and gather as much evidence as possible. If the email is not answered in a certain amount of days, the dispute is closed.

In your case, I can see that you answered the email to order ID: 94a92f1b-751b-48d6-aa3e-a53e70719ee6 and not order ID: e783e65b-4d8d-4cd9-be0d-eeb974df8084. So when the time came and support did not see a response, the order was completed on the seller’s favor.

Please be aware to each dispute email and try to provide as much evidence as possible to help the Support Team on the decision.

Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused and hope you have a good day!

God Speed! :trident:

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