Ban people who are saying code doesn't work ?

Is it possible to ban users who try scamming sellers by saying code doesn’t work?
I got another kid that recently told me code is not working .I contacted support and was told that code got activated immediately after buyer the bought code
Please ban these people because they will scam someone new on forum by telling them "code not working.
This is transaction ID:4f77a467-20d3-4fb7-8606-53a39816d3f2

@MajorTom @DarkKnight

Code is already redeemed so i am posting here screenshot.

Hello San_Marino1,

Thanks for letting me know and thanks for that evidence as well.

After further checking this, I’ve completed the transaction for you.

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Thanks <3 @majorTom

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Yes… Totally agree with @San_Marino1… Ban those Scammer… Too free to be scammer :thinking: