Banned for no Reason?

I am a new Gameflip seller and so far I have sold 3 Items. a STW Inventory (I have 3 accounts with STW) I sold 10x 121 Modded Grave Diggers. And a Gfuel Starter pack code. The same buyer purchased these three times quite quickly. I then tried putting more STW Guns up for sale but got a message saying “Account Suspended”. And In my emails it says I have been banned for one of the reasons "Selling accounts, Beta codes, Random codes and counterfeit items or stolen items. I have never sold any accounts or beta codes. The Gfuel stater pack was a code that actually worked for the buyer because he confirmed the order and rated it positively. I doubt he would confirm and rate straight away without making sure the code has worked. My invite code is: 5WGF22 . I also have around $15+ pending which I am waiting for

Hello since your alternate account was suspended due to selling accounts, this account was suspended as well.

When the alternate account is unsuspended (the suspension will last 30 days) this account can be unsuspended as well.


so the one with $16 ready to get will be unbanned in 30 days?

yes -it will be unbanned in 30 days with all your money inside in account.

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