Best buy gift cards I bought are tagged as "stolen or lost".

I bought 10 best buy gift cards two weeks ago from GameStop. When I was placing an order online, the gift card amount was shown correctly so I finish the transactions without any doubts. However, my order kept getting canceled and I tried to re-place orders multiple times, still got canceled every time. So I called customer service and they said they didn’t know what was going on but they can replace my gift cards and combine them to one. Yesterday I finally reviewed my gift card from best buy but the value is not correct, it’s missing $81.87. I just called customer service and after 40 minutes he figured out two cards of those 10 gift cards are tagged as “stolen or lost”. One with $40.01 and the other with $41.86, so $81.87 total. What can I do at this point?

It’s GameStore, not Gamestop, typo.


As usual, have you contacted Support?

As in Best Buy Customer service right? For the giftcards.

You have to contact Gameflip Support about the 2 cards tagged as ‘Stolen or Lost’. You will have to include details and proof about it and you will get refunded as long it’s real and you have enough proof. You might need to call again and record the conversation as proof that the two cards are tagged.