Big scammer on gameflip

Look at what he sells already and then look at these ratings. Everyone says, “I have to rate him first, I hope it’s not scam.”

Please ban this guy

@MajorTom take a look at this, seller asking buyers to complete transactions first

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He would probably getaway with the money he has scammed

I think he already buy something with the money or withdraw it on PayPal so we just need to stop this guy because he is making a lot of money

There aren’t even that many Samsung s10e’s being bought yet wtf lmfao

I bet he gives a website link too, if so…and you’ve given details, he has your details and is either exploiting them or attempting to steal your account and inventory.

I believe this same person tried such thing on rleague garage - im no idiot, a link that is meant to be was writ as or very close too…and was registered 2 days prior and a clone of the steam profile page but a fake username and pssword login was there…

Oh and by the way,

this is the culprit 10,000% here who has ownership of these web urls.

If you do not believe me and have some ability to protect yourself, go get the domains he purchased and view the page source and info you will see his custom python scripts for his next victims.

Actually, he might have his personal e-mail also written here in the script so i guess im going to go have a looksy.

Also, all of the accounts that have rated him 99% of them, im sure if gameflip looked…were made the same day and same time period…also by the same registered IP when making more than likely…he owns them…its so obvious.

Holy smokes! @MajorTom @DunnBiscuit and @DarkKnight you should take a look at this Andrew! All of a sudden brand new accounts were created, bought and rated the seller positive and wrote comments almost beatifying the seller RIGHT AFTER the initial comments of people complaining that they were forced to “rate the seller first in order to receive the product”.

This kinda looks like a grade A scammer.

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the wait.

This user has already been suspended :wink:

No need to worry anymore.

If you find anymore suspicious activity, please feel free to share.

God speed!

:trident: New forum moderators!

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